It hits everyone at one time or another. The idea that you should leave your job and start a business of your own. IS it a momentary whim or are you really an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs have certain traits in common. Before you jump off into your own venture, see if you match these traits. They are not the end all and be all of being an entrepreneur, but having these traits is a good sign that you can be happy as an entrepreneur.

1. Entrepreneurs are passionate, inside and outside of work.

Whatever they immerse themselves in, entrepreneurs typically invest fully and passionately. This extends beyond business building into many aspects of life outside the workplace.

2. Entrepreneurs are committed to building businesses, not just coming up with great ideas.

Most people with ideas don’t build businesses. Most entrepreneurs we know look for good businesses to build, given their area of expertise. We’ve met countless individuals with a “great idea” who never turn that idea into a successful business.

3. Entrepreneurs know how to focus, yet are comfortable moving in multiple directions at once.

It’s notable how many entrepreneurial business owners we know who are building multiple businesses at once or are leading nonprofit organizations at the same time they are building for-profit businesses. Often, this comes across as restlessness but is really the manifestation of a high level of energy that, when focused, can lead to amazing accomplishments.

4. Entrepreneurs can be employees.

People often associate “entrepreneur” with any small-business owner. But we see the term as more general to any business builder. The reason? We see a lot of small-business owners who don’t act like business builders, and we see a lot of business builders within larger companies who have entrepreneurial traits. You don’t have to be an owner to be a successful entrepreneur.

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