The Myth About Email Lists

email-iconSocial media is littered with webinars and free handouts about how to grow your email list. They talk about how important your email list is and how important it is to have a large list. The problem is that a big email list isn’t all its cracked up to be.

You don;t want a big email list for the sake of having a big email list. You want an email list that is full of prospects for your product or service. Growing a list isn’t about getting people to sign up. It’s about getting the right people to sign up. If the people signing up for your email list will never buy from you or recommend you to others then they have no return on the investment you are making in your email marketing program. Here are three things to remember when building your list.

  • Focus on getting potential customers on your list by creating content that speaks to your potential customer.
  • Target potential email subscribers the same way you you target customers.
  • Don’t sweat unsubscribes. If people leave your list, they were never going to become your customer anyway.