About The Founder

Eric LopkinEric Lopkin, President, CEO and Founder

Eric Lopkin founded The Modern Observer Group in 2002 as a name to promote his freelance communications work. Wanting to use his skills and talents to help small businesses and executives achieve their professional as well as personal goals, Eric reformed The Modern Observer Group in 2009 to bring in a greater range of coaches and consultants to enhance the services available.

Eric spent the earlier part of his career working in the communications field as a creative director in advertising, an operations manager at media companies, and other roles. His time working in communications taught him to manage people, keep projects on track and on budget, and streamline the organizations for which he worked so that they ran easily and profitably. He wanted to impart these same skills to his clients, and so Modern Observer Group was born.

Eric’s philosophy as a coach is based on the idea that one cannot separate oneself from one’s business. A business owner or executive’s personal life is inexorably connected to his or her business – one cannot succeed while the other flounders. Eric takes into account the whole person – both their personal side and their professional side – when developing a plan to help a client. His evaluations are impartial, and his solutions are practical since he has learned how to successfully run a business the hard way so that his clients will not make mistakes that could be easily avoided.

When a client signs on to work with Modern Observer Group, they will be subjecting themselves to intense, no-nonsense scrutiny. Their strengths and weaknesses will be exposed and analyzed so that the strengths can be celebrated and continued and the weaknesses can be improved upon. One way that Eric has differentiated Modern Observer Group from other business coaching organizations is the idea that business owners should not try to “do it all.” He encourages his clients to identify and focus on their strengths, and then find someone else to help with the other tasks of running the business. This “divide and conquer” mentality keeps business owners and executives from burning out and/or wasting their time trying to do everything all on their own.

Modern Observer Group typically serves clients that are business owners with 1-50 employees or executives who want to advance in their careers. Clients hire Modern Observer Group for one of three reasons:

  1. They are starting a new business venture and want to make sure they begin with a solid foundation.
  2. They know something is going wrong in their business/professional life, but can’t identify or fix the problem.
  3.  Their business is going well and they want to take their business to the next level of growth and success.

Modern Observer Group is successful because our clients have become successful. In fact, the success rate of small businesses that use business coaching or incubator services is 90% (as compared to the 10% success rate of businesses that try to do it all on their own). Eric Lopkin loves to see his clients’ businesses thriving rather than merely surviving due to the individualized evaluation process and practical advice Modern Observer Group offers.

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