Adapt Your Leadership for a Crisis


Leaders facing today’s level of uncertainty need to be ready to quickly adapt. But how can you move an organization forward in the face of unpredictability, imperfect information, and multiple unknowns?

  • Prioritize evidence-based learning. Define key metrics that will determine success or failure, and set a clear process for collecting relevant data. Then stress test your underlying theories, assumptions, and beliefs by simulating possible future scenarios.
  • Make sure you’re transparent about who is making decisions, what’s informing those decisions, and which possible risks are at play. This way you’ll create an environment of candor, psychological safety, and mutual trust that will ultimately help you avoid making decisions that are too safe or risk-averse.
  • Mobilize collective action. Responding to a crisis often requires behavioral change at a group level. Emphasize coordination, partnership, and dialogue to make sure that everyone is ready to move forward in the same new direction.

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