Your company may sell one product or offer a variety. Either way, the odds are that you have different types of customers purchasing from you. Knowing who they are is very important because they are not all the same. Which means you can’t sell the same or service the same.

Different customers require different plans and processes. Where an older customer may require a phone call, a millennial may prefer a text or Facebook message. Your strategy for attracting and retaining customers has to be personalized. The more you know about your customers, the better you can meet their needs. Here are some tips for differentiaing clients.

  • Talk to them. Get to know your customers as people. This will allow you to learn how to serve them best. Find out what their communications preferences are (phone, email, text, etc.), how often they want to be in touch (daily, weekly, once in a while, only when necessary, etc.) and what they expect from you.
  • Identify psychographics. Most of us are good at targeting demographics (gender, age, etc.). Psychographics go more towards what motivates customers. Their needs, wants, beliefs, etc. can give you more insight into how each customer needs to be served.
  • Have different plans to reach different customers. The marketing plan you have needs to be tweaked for each audience. In some cases you need entirely different plans. Don’t shy away from diversifying your efforts.

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