Always Ask Why


In our coaching sessions, we find that people are reluctant to ask why. Poor managers take the question as a challenge to their authority. Good managers know that why clarifies goals and streamlines operations.

Asking why is about determining the reasons behind things, whether it is a project, your career, or any decision. Why are you doing what you are doing? Why gets down to the real goals and the core of what you are trying to accomplish. The better you understand why you are doing something, the more effectively you can successfully complete your tasks. The question why also eliminates waste. If the answer to why is because we’ve always done this, it is past time to determine if that project is still useful.

Why is one of the most important questions you can ask. Simon Sinek in his TED talk and book Start With Why explains the power of the “Golden Circle” with why at the center, how one level out, and what around the edge. He explains that why creates a connection. People who identify with your reasons for being and doing, your why, form bonds with you. To stay on the right path and get there with the best results, keep asking why.

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