Performance Coaching

performance coaching

You’ve got the career you want, now you want to get the most out of it with performance coaching. Your career is your business and it needs to be run like one. Executive coaching shows you how to get ahead by innovating, managing multiple priorities, keeping up with changing business trends, and do it all without sacrificing your personal life. Executive coaching can give you the boost you need to master your job and move up the corporate ladder or to a business of your very own.

Who we help:

  • Executives and business people who want to improve the bottom line by developing their skills
  • Strong executives and business people who want to become more deliberate leaders
  • Executives and business people who seek to convert business challenges into opportunities
  • Executives and business people who want to stay sharp and focused, and request accountability and “maintenance” support

Our proprietary Businetiks coaching system will help you:

  • Develop your leadership abilities
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Move beyond self-imposed limitations
  • Align yourself with corporate objectives
  • Manage staff through increased personal effectiveness
  • Embrace feedback as an improvement tool
  • Understand the necessity of good communication
  • Improve your decision making skills
  • Develop a flexible management style
  • Execute winning business strategies
  • Develop a talent pool and create loyalty
  • Cultivate a network that helps you and your organization
  • Establish priorities and receive exceptional performance reviews
  • Balance work and life priorities
  • Create accountability & capability

Executives today are caught in times of unprecedented organizational change and complexity. No matter what size your organization, from small business to Fortune 500, the pressure to succeed is immense. Today’s executives are expected to do more with less. They are also expected to be proactive in developing their abilities and to recognize the importance of developing the people around them.

If you are one of the millions of busy and over-extended managers and if dealing with everyday demands leaves you little time to improve your leadership competencies, then we offer you a solution.

Executive Coaching focuses on enhancing performance and developing leadership or team-building skills. Meetings are usually held by telephone. The program includes:

  • An initial telephone coaching session with the client to set the framework for the coaching relationship
  • Establishing specific and measurable goals
  • Creating a Personal Development Plan
  • Regularly scheduled coaching calls
  • Unlimited e-mail support