Are You Setting Too Many Goals?

Set goals

Setting too many goals, like setting unrealistic goals, or setting really broad goals can prevent us from actually accomplishing them. This doesn’t mean don’t set big goals, it just means you need to choose your goals properly.

Before setting a goal, ask yourself some questions.

  • Why you are setting it. Is it something you really want or need to do? How much else do you have on your plate? If this new goal is not going to improve your life and it is going to overwhelm you or cause excessive stress, ditch it. Your time is valuable. You should spend it only on the most important goals?
  • Can you achieve it? Honestly evaluate whether you have the skills and resources you need to accomplish your goal. If you are not confident that you can reach your goal, it will add more stress as you spin your wheels working towards something that won’t happen. This doesn’t mean that you will never be able to accomplish the goal. Simply that at this time, you don’t have what you need to do it. You can cancel the goal or work towards assembling what you need before you set the goal.

Just because you can set a goal, doesn’t mean you should. Learn the set the goals that are right for you.

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