Are You Working Too Much?


We all need to shift into high gear from time to time, but how can you tell if you are pushing yourself too hard? Watch out for some of these telltale signs.

  • When was the last time you took some time away from work? Consistently putting off vacations, working over major holidays, or regularly working weekends are all signals that you’re burning the candle from both ends.
  • Another sign is deprioritizing personal relationships. If your social invitations have dried up because your friends assume you’re not available, you are probably too focused on work.
  • Also, be aware of your behavior when you do take time to be with people outside of work. Are you fully present? While it’s normal to think about work periodically, it becomes a problem when you’re not able to manage your urge to check your phone or respond to emails and texts right away.

If you see any of these signs, take some time to reflect on whether you have enough balance in your life. After all, being too wrapped up in work isn’t good for you or your performance.

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