Best Practices Aren’t Necessarily Best

best practices

Most companies will tell you that they operate by best practices. As a business person, part of your job is to stand out from the crowd. If everyone is using best practices then they aren’t standing out. If they don’t stand out, how can they be best?

In reality what most companies consider to be best practices are simply what everyone in the industry is doing. In fact, with the pace of change in technology, a best practice is only best for a short amount of time. If a company isn’t continually improving and innovating, their best practices quickly becoming outdated. How can you keep your business ahead of the curve?

  • Keep up with technology: Pay attention to new software, new platforms and evaluate them to see if they can benefit your business. Remember just because something is new doesn’t mean it is better. Look at new technology critically before committing to use it.
  • Re-examine your processes: Just because something works well doesn’t mean it can’t be improved on. Focus on what you want the end to look like. Make a change in the process to improve that end product. If it the change works, adopt it. If not, change it back and try something else. Use the scientific method: ask how you can improve the process, research potential changes, hypothesize what will improve the process, experiment to see if it will work, analyze the result and conclude if it worked or not. Then repeat.
  • Look at other industries: Most companies look at their own industry to determine best practices. Look at other industries to see what you can learn and adapt to your business. Look at things from a different perspective to see what innovations you can make.

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