Beware Of Network Marketers Selling Retirement

Qivana Network MarketingNetwork marketing gets a bad rap. Originally referred to as multi-level marketing, the industry had such a bad reputation that they changed the way they refer to themselves so as to escape the negativity. The bad reputation came from the behavior of some people selling. Whether you call the industry MLM or network marketing, those bad eggs are still out there. One of the quickest way to recognize these bad eggs is they are trying to sell you on your retirement.

Good network marketers are trying to sell you on their products or services, because like any good salesperson they believe in what they are selling. Bad network marketers are trying to sell you on selling their product. They don’t care about the product, they care about getting you to sell because the more you make, the more they make. The best salespeople care about their customers.

The facts about network marketing are clear. You get out of it what you put into it. The people who are telling you that you can retire early,retire with recurring revenue, etc. are reaching for the bottom of the market. The people who sell sales opportunities instead of products are preying on people’s hopes and dreams.

Network marketers are not consultants. They are not coaches. They are salespeople. There is nothing wrong with that. Be salespeople. If a network marketer is telling you otherwise, run.