Bounce Back After Failure


Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a negotiation doesn’t go your way. Perhaps a customer pushed for a steeper discount than you wanted to offer, or a potential client went with a competitor’s bid. In the face of disappointment, how do you bounce back?

  • Don’t panic. More often than not, there will be opportunities in the future to retry your case. And even though you didn’t get the result you wanted, there may be some unexplored upside that you haven’t yet considered.
  • Be honest about why this round didn’t go your way. Don’t issue blame. Simply look at what went wrong and acknowledge it.
  • Learn from mistakes. Once you have acknowledged what went wrong, look for ways to avoid those pitfalls in the future. Reexamine your strategy for dealing with the situation and see what lessons you can learn and how you can do things differently next time.

Failure is not the end of the road. Learn from mistakes and do better next time.

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