Bring Meetings To A Close Effectively

A common complaint among managers is that despite holding so many meetings, few meetings actually produce results. “We keep talking about the same issue over and over, but nothing seems to ever happen!” The issue? Most meetings lack closure — the necessary link between meeting and impact. To deliberately and effectively close a meeting:

  • Check for alignment: Ask, “Is everyone OK with where we ended up?” to surface any questions or concerns, and to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Agree on next steps: Ask, “What needs to get done before our next meeting?” Nail down specific commitments, concrete deadlines, and follow-up schedules.
  • Reflect on what you accomplished: Say, “These are the five things I’m taking away from this,” to validate the conversation and the team.
  • Check for acknowledgements: Did anyone contribute to the conversation in a way that needs to be highlighted? Give people credit.

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