Do You Have A Professional Bucket List?

bucket list

People talk about bucket lists in personal terms. They have places they want to go and things they want to do. What about your professional life? Very few people put together a professional bucket list, things you want to do in your career. Why would you do this?

Many people either take their career as it comes or phrase what they want in general terms: a promotion, a raise, etc. Putting together a bucket list forces you to describe very specifically what you want to accomplish in your career. Do you want to own your own business? What kind of business? Why do you want it? Putting together a bucket list gives you and opportunity to clarify your professional goals.

Why do you want to o this? Without knowing where you want to end up, you can’t choose a path. As Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t where you’re going, you might not get there.” Defining what you want is necessary for you to develop a plan on how to achieve them. Start with a bucket list, clarify the goals, then build a plan.

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