Close The Loops


In the book Getting Things Done by David Allen the author talks about closing the loops. This is an important part of both the GTD method and the Businetiks system. In today’s hyperspeed stressful world it’s a useful lesson for anyone to learn. So let’s take a closer look at what this means.

When we make a decision to do something, it opens a “loop” in our minds. Each loop represents a project, anything from creating a new marketing plan to cleaning the garage. When there is ambiguity about a project, the loop remains open. Open loops are a source of stress. So how do we close the loops?

  1. Define the project: What is it that you are trying to do? What do you need for the project?
  2. Decide on a next step: Once you have defined what the project is, figure out the steps you need to do to complete the project. Figure out what you need to do next to advance the project.
  3. Write it down: When you know what you have to do next, write it down. It can be on a legal pad, in a project management program, a spreadsheet, or a post-it note. Wherever you write it, make sure that it is some place you check regularly. Get the information out of your head. Put it in an organizational system, which will close the loop.

Closing the loops eliminates stress and helps you work more efficiently. Close the loops and enjoy the benefits.

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