The Modern Observer Group provides workshops and training programs to keep your organization or workforce performing at optimum levels. From skills training to regulatory, The Modern Observer Group provides high quality workshops to meet your needs. Below is a sample of our offerings.

Businetiks: The Operating System Of Success

The Businetiks system consists of seven elements to help you build your business and career. This workshop introduces you to the system and explains how to implement it to help you design, and meet your goals, and build the business or career you want.

The elements include:

  • Mindset
  • Focus
  • Operations
  • Communications
  • Innovation
  • Evaluation
  • Continuous Improvement

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

There is a mindset to being an entrepreneur. It includes attention to detail, an artistic flair, and a focus on getting things done. We have broken down the entrepreneurial mindset into five personalities, the combination of which forms the entrepreneur. Whether you are building a business or a career, the entrepreneurial mindset can boost your success.

Happiness and Success: Connecting the Dots…: 

Living with the 4 “P’s”: Purpose – Passion – Positivity – a Plan, is THE FORMULA for Happiness and Success…

The OUTCOME to any EVENT lies in one’s RESPONSE which is influenced by one’s PERSPECTIVE… This presentation “Connects” how APPLYING the 4 “P’s” FORMULA to one’s life helps one to achieve POSITIVE OUTCOMES to life’s events in ALL scenarios (personally and professionally).

The Presentation: 

  • Defining the Three Sets of Dots
  • The Power of Positivity
  • Connecting the Dots (includes a handout that charts the flow)
  • Examining Outcome scenarios through Interactive Word Play (“Yes, BUT” vs “Yes, AND” – “Obstacle” vs “Opportunity” – customized for the presentation topic)
  • and much more…
  • The Networking Process:The “Networking Misconception”: it’s NOT about Sales… Most people go to Networking Meetings seeking to get business which RARELY happens. People do NOT go to networking meetings to BUY anything (unless they need or want something while they are there) and are normally TURNED OFF by pushy Sales Pitches.The “Networking Reality”: it’s ALL about Relationships… NETWORKING IS the PROCESS of DEVELOPING WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIPS based upon TRUST. Networking meetings are just one step. RELATIONSHIPS = RESOURCES: it’s not only about the people in the room – it’s about WHO THEY KNOW…The Presentation:
    • Developing the Networking Mindset
    • Planning (yes, homework)
    • Preparing your commercial (includes a worksheet)
    • How to work a networking event
    • How to develop ongoing relationships
    • and much more…


Sexual Harassment Training:

The State of Connecticut follows strict guidelines on what must be included in the mandated sexual harassment training sessions. Notz|HR will ensure your company personnel are provided with the necessary training that meets these guidelines.

Participants will learn to….

  • Understand Connecticut law as it relates to what is defined as sexual harassment
  • Recognize various types of workplace harassment
  • Understand the personal, professional and legal consequences of workplace harassment
  • Become aware that even subtle acts, behaviors and words may be deemed sexually harassing
  • Employee will understand their reporting procedures and Managers and Supervisor will understand their role in acting on such complaints
  • A question and answer session will ensure your employees understand the laws.