COO-On-Call Operations and PlanningA Chief Operating Officer (COO) ensures that your business runs smoothly. COO-on-call gives you access to a Chief Operating Officer for your business without the overhead and expense of bringing on a high level employee.

Regardless of the size or type of business you have, there are processes and operations issues that could probably be dealt with better than they currently are. So, does that mean you need an operations manager? (Or, that you need to wear another hat yourself?) Not anymore. COO-on-call is a subscription service that can help you find the inefficiencies or problems in your work flow, production processes, quality, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing, and everything else that effects the bottom line and ultimately the success of your company. Then they re-engineer those processes to be more efficient and profitable for the company.

COO-on-call is a subscription service that provides you with a resource to develop business plans, sales and marketing plans, business processes, and more, all for less than the price of a Frappuccino a day.  

The COO-on-call process starts with a two-hour meeting. During that meeting, we go over with you what your business is, where you are, and where you want it to be. We’ll examine your business to see what you are currently doing to meet your goals and start to make recommendations about what processes you should be implementing. This meeting is audio recorded so no information is lost.

Following the initial meeting, we put together a report summarizing the results of the meeting, prioritizing your goals, and giving you the basic processes needed to reach those goals.

At the six-month point, we repeat this process to make sure you are on track, adapt the strategies to any new circumstances that have arose.

Between those two main consultations, COO-on-call provides unlimited phone and e-mail consultations. If you have a concern about something in the plan, if you have a question about something new that just showed up on your radar, a general business question that you don’t know where to find an answer, or a new idea that you need to bounce off someone, The Modern Observer Group is a phone call or e-mail away.

Start running your business, and don’t let it run you.