The Difference Between Failing and Being A Failure

failureThe most successful people on the planet have failed numerous times. Each time they fail, they learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others and apply that to future projects. By contrast, people who are failures dwell on each time they have failed. Instead of learning from what went wrong, they assign blame. That defines the difference between failing and being a failure. Here are three simple things to do to keep from being a failure:

  • Learn From Mistakes: Not everything you do will be right. Learn from what goes wrong to improve in the future.
  • Accept Responsibility: Don’t shift blame when something goes wrong. Accept it, apologize, and figure out how you can do better.
  • Don’t Give Up: The one thing failures always do is give up. If you follow the first two steps, you have to follow through and continue to try. Focus on your long term goals and don’t assume setbacks are permanent failures.