Don’t Fear Risk


Many business people are afraid of risk. An entire industry has risen up to help businesses avoid risk. The big problem with this is that the less risk you take the less reward you get. Business people should not avoid risk, they should prepare for it.

Anything you do involves risk. When you drive to the supermarket, the risk exists that you can be in a car accident. Does that keep you from going to the supermarket? Of course not. You mitigate the risk by watching oncoming traffic and paying attention as you drive. Business risk is no difference. You determine how much risk there is and how you can mitigate it. The key is mitigating not avoiding. Have a plan you can implement if things go wrong.

The only way to avoid risk is to stay within your comfort zone and never try anything new. That’s a great way to never achieve anything. Risk is a part of every endeavor. Embrace it.

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