Establish An Evening Routine To Put the Workday Behind You

5 o'clockIt can be tough to leave work behind when you go home for the day. With email, cell phones, etc. it seems we’re never away from work. However, it is crucial for your mental well-being and your productivity that you turn off and give yourself some time to recharge., Having a routine can help.

Before you leave work, do the the following:

  • Complete one positive action. It could be making a short phone call, signing a document, or responding to an email. Doing this allows you to end your day on a positive note of completion, and you’ll have one less thing to do the following morning.
  • Then do a specific action that symbolizes the end of your workday. It might be locking your office door, turning off your computer, or calling home to say you’re leaving work. Each night, treat this action as the equivalent of clocking out with a timesheet, and remind yourself that it’s time to shift your mental state away from work.

Having a routine like this helps you create a psychological barrier between work and home. After you’ve done your routine, make an effort to not check your email or take business calls. Setting a definitive end to your work day reduces stress and produces a better mindset and makes you more productive.