There is a lot to take care of in business. Most business people focus on expanding. New customers, new products and services, etc. That expansion is crucial to growing your business. Just as important is the foundation that that business is built upon.

As businesses grow, especially young businesses, there is a tendency to spread themselves thin in search of revenue. Business people think if someone is willing to pay for a something, they should offer it, whether or not it is their core competency. That leads to the company spreading out and losing focus.

When you focus on your core competency, the revenue you are generating is worth more. Why? It takes less effort to generate revenue in your core competency than it is to provide whatever service happens to be asked for. That means you are generating a higher return on investment.

To make sure you are not overreaching, focus on the basics. Make sure you are doing what you are best at. Look at each part of your business (sales, marketing, product descriptions, etc.) and ensure that they are all focused on the same thing. If you have a strong foundation, the business can be to last.

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