Focus On Value


What customers really want from your organization is help solving their problem. They want to hear what other customers were able to achieve by using your solution. They want to understand the value and benefits your products/services promise to deliver. This can get a little tricky, as value is defined differently by everyone.

Only 16% of C-level customers chose a vendor because of their product. Instead, what buyers want is a stellar sales experience where they can learn something new, and marketing content that educates and makes them smarter.

  • Use examples. Talk about what other customers have gotten out of using your product or service. Show how your offering solved their problem or improved their business.
  • Listen to the customer and focus on their needs. The CEO of Black and Decker once explained to his employees that their customers didn’t want drills. They wanted holes. Forget the canned speech. You need to understand what5 the customer is looking for and how you can fill their need.

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