Follow The Facts

It happens all the time. A project goes off the rails. The projected results fail to come in. Yet a business continues to pour good money after bad to keep it going because management believes in the project. While belief is a wonderful thing, you need to follow the facts.

When a project you are invested in, emotionally as well as financially, it becomes difficult to evaluate it objectively. Without that objective evaluation, these projects can go from a minor failure to massive drain on resources. How can you make sure a project is evaluated properly?

  • Step away from the project: Look at what’s going on as if it were happening to someone else. Would you advise someone else to take the action you have if you weren’t involved?
  • Ask for help: If you find you can’t separate yourself from a situation, ask an impartial third party to evaluate the situation. Listen to what they say and take it seriously.
  • Don’t take it personally: It’s okay that you fail as long as you learn why and move forward with that knowledge. The fact that the project failed is not a signal that you are a failure. Don’t take it as such.

Remove emotions from the equation and follow the facts. You’ll eliminate work that is not productive faster and be more successful overall.

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