The movie industry is filled with remakes, sequels and adaptations. The most common complaint about them is that they’re not like the original. However, when you separate yourself from the expectations of the original and look at the movie as something all its own, you may find you enjoy it much more.

The same applies to business situations. When evaluating whether or not a project is a success, you must separate yourself from your expectations. What was the original goal of the project? Very often, project suffer from creep and items are added to them that detract from the original goal. Did you accomplish the original goal?┬áIt’s also not to compare your success to other projects. Just because one project did better, doesn’t mean both projects weren’t successes. Judge your project on its own merits, not how it compares to other projects.

Finally, your expectations may be unrealistic. If a project increases your profits, but not by as much as you wanted, is it a failure or a success? Forget your expectations.