Get Comfortable With Uncertainty

crystal ball

You hear it as an excuse all the time. People can be talking about the stock market, an election, their business or their family, they are worried about uncertainty. What most people won’t acknowledge is that everything is uncertain.

Unless you have a crystal ball that sees the future, you can never be certain. You may think you know what is going to happen, but you can’t force or control all of the variables that happen. A driver could crash on the highway. The resulting traffic jam could delay an important shipment. A sudden failure at your internet provider could keep you from accessing the cloud software you need to complete your project.

Successful people don’t worry about uncertainty, they plan for it. Things go wrong all the time. What are your contingency plans? You don’t anticipate a fire in your home, but you should have a plan to get out in case of emergency. The same goes for your business and job. Have plans for what can go wrong. Proper planning and creating backup processes allow you to handle uncertainty with worry.

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