psychographicsIt’s important to know who your customers are. When you ask most business people about their customers, they respond by giving you the demographics of their audience. It’s good to have demographic informations such as age, gender, income, and geographic location. However, demographics can be misleading. Political analysts will tell you that according to the demographics of the country, Hillary should have won the presidency. The problem is demographics just skim the surface. What you need to understand your customers are psychographics.

Psychographic information includes habits, hobbies, spending patterns and values. Demographics explain “who” your customer is, while psychographics explain “why” they buy. Knowing the psychographics of your customers enable you to create real connections with them.

To gather psychographics you must have real conversations with your customers. Get to know them and ask them about themselves. The more you understand why they do what they do, the better you can help them.

Demographics are the tip of the iceberg. For lasting business relationships, you need to go deeper.

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