Help Your Team Embrace Change


Companies are constantly changing. And whether the changes are big or small, leaders need to inspire their employees to embrace what’s new. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Talk about how people feel. Change stirs up lots of emotions (fear, frustration, and anxiety, to name a few). Hold regular meetings for people to express what they’re worried about, and encourage them to be honest.
  • Tell stories. Stories can be powerful examples of how people overcame challenges. Think about the challenges your employees are facing, and share stories that relate to them.
  • Ask “What if?” questions. “What if we built our workflows from scratch — what would they look like?” “What if we were all freelancers — how would we solve problems differently?” Use change as a catalyst to rethink the ways things are done.
  • Treat mistakes as learning opportunities. Everyone messes up, so encourage people to talk about how their mistakes have helped them grow. Build a culture that rewards employees for taking smart risks.

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