Hire Unconventional Talent


When it is time to hire, too many managers unconsciously hold onto the notion that there’s one ideal candidate type for a role. Companies thrive when they have a variety of skillsets and perspectives. To succeed in today’s world, you need to be open to a range of possible candidates. Make your hiring process more effective by adopting these strategies.

  • Help unconventional candidates envision themselves at your company. When you’re writing a job description or interviewing a candidate, paint the big picture of a role rather than a checklist of specialized skills, degrees, or years of experience.
  • Focus on potential rather than pedigree. Forget the degree and focus on the person. For the most part, higher education completely fails to prepare a candidate for thermal world. When interviewing you need to look for potential. Ask questions that show what a candidate is capable of.
  • Don’t obsess over job titles. Rather than skimming resumes or LinkedIn profiles for a candidate’s education and experience when you hire, look at other non-professional experiences they may have, including volunteer or advocacy work, writing, or other interests. Those endeavors can often be more telling than a job title.

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