How Can You Increase Employee Loyalty


Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Your customers won’t be engaged if your employees aren’t engage. Everything your company does flows out from your employees. So what can you do to build loyalty among your employees? Here are some tips:

  • Provide Support: Employees will appreciate opportunities for relevant on-going education to show that you want them to succeed. Recognize achievements and contributions and offer incentives for improving job performance. Provide mentors for departmental questions and comprehensive support that includes coping and problem-solving skills. When possible, offer health benefit and retirement packages. Most of all, be approachable so your employees feel like they are working for a person and not a machine.
  • Manage Your Workplace: While you cannot be present every moment of every day in every department, you can manage your managers. Keep your eye out for harassment and power trips. Create a checks and balances system by having employees fill out questionnaires or randomly inquiring in different departments to keep managers on their toes. Retrain or get rid of managers that are not performing up to par or bringing down the moral of your employees.
  • Know Your Employees As People: One of the worst things you can do is treat your employees as paper-pushers. They are people with lives and families, just like you. You can assume that their lives outside the workplace are important to them. Show that you care by asking questions without seeming meddling. If you see a change in job performance, ask if there is anything you can do to help. Also, ask them to be honest about their job satisfaction, and in turn be honest with them if you have any concerns. Show them how they contribute to the whole picture and you care about their happiness in their position. If it is possible to be flexible with scheduling, give them the hours that they may need to tend to their lives outside the office.

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