How To Achieve More By Doing Less


There are more demands on our time than ever before. Being constantly connected means even when we’re not working, we are working, blurring the lines of work and home. Sometimes we need an extra hour (or more). Instead of trying to cram more into your already crowded schedule, here are some tips for getting more done by doing less.

  • Take more breaks: When we have an important project due, we tend to become hyper focused on it. Studies have shown you can get more done by getting away from the project periodically, letting in simmer in your subconscious, and then coming back with fresh eyes. Regularly changing the type of activity you’re performing throughout the day allows your brain to perform at its highest capacity and get more done in less time.
  • Set Your Routine On Autopilot: When you start your day by checking emails, social media, and texts, you start using up your energy reserves before you’re even out of bed. Put your smartphone away and start the day with a routine you don’t even think about. When you set up your routine so you can do it on autopilot you save our energy for important matters.
  • Decide that good is good enough: There comes a time in every project when done is more important than perfect. Continuously trying to get every project perfect is draining. In fact as the project is close to complete your reach a point of diminishing returns in which you need a greater effort to get smaller improvements. Know when done is more important than perfect and end the project.

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