How to Communicate with Your Customers in a Crisis


In a fast-moving crisis, it’s important for leaders to communicate with empathy and honesty — not just internally, but externally as well. Of course, customers require a different approach than employees. Make sure you focus on what is important to them.

For example, with the current coronavirus crisis, Target’s CEO sent out a note to customers describing enhanced in-store cleaning procedures and additional staffing for order pickup and drive-up services. If possible, provide customers relief during a crisis by waiving fees or limits. This not only reassures current customers but can bring new ones on board. Most importantly, focus on empathy rather than trying to create sales opportunities.

Companies should rethink advertising and promotion strategies to be more in line with what’s happening in the world. Otherwise you risk sounding tone-deaf and alienating your customers. Look at your messaging from the perspective of your audience, and let your compassion drive your communications, rather than fear of doing the wrong thing.

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