If At First You Don’t Succeed, Adapt

AdaptThere’s a particularly poor political ad running where the candidate says “If you’re doing all the right things but still can’t get ahead…” He uses the line to push his campaign forward but the basic premise of the line is wrong. If you are not getting ahead, you are not doing all the right things. The problem with the ideas put forth in the ad (and campaign) is that they assume the world still works the same way it did in 1960. This simply isn;t true. If what once worked doesn’t anymore it is time you adapt.

Business doesn’t stand still. Consumer needs change, new competitors enter the market and technology moves forward. Where you once competed with the business down the street you are now competing with businesses around the world. Doing what you always did will no longer work. Here are ways you can take to start to adapt:

For your business: Take a fresh look at your business.  Your customer can now find your competitors with a few taps on their phone. Are you keeping up with them. What is your customer experience like? Are you delivering high enough quality for your price point? Are you easy for your customer to work with? Go through what your customer goes through and determine if you would buy from you. If not, why?

For your career: Look at economic realities: The days of getting a job out of college and staying with a company until retirement are gone. You are responsible for the path your career takes. Are you making enough to meet your needs? You salary is based on the value of what you are doing. If you are not in a job that can support, learn skills for a job that will. There are free courses online you can take to help you get ahead. Find the job you want and get the training to do it.