Improve Your Ability To Handle A Setback


Despite the age old story of the overnight success, real success rarely happens that way. Success happens in bits and pieces with most people encountering a setback or two along the way. Thomas Edison famously said that he didn’t fail, he found 10,000 things that didn’t work. In order to achieve your goals and live the life you want, you have to be able to handle setbacks. Here are some things to keep in mind when facing adversity:

Know Who You Are

One thing that highly successful people have is a strong sense of self. They know that their job is not who they are and that any setback is temporary. They know that circumstances do not define them. Whether you have financial difficulties or relationship problems, these are challenges to be overcome, not indications that you are a failure. Build your confidence by separating what you are dealing with from who you are.

Accentuate The Positive

Most of us have heard the term “The Luck of the Irish.” The origin of the saying has more to do with an outlook than any real luck. The luck of the Irish is exemplified by someone stepping in manure and saying, “It’s lucky I wasn’t wearing my good shoes.” You need to take away something positive from any situation. Look at a divorce or a bankruptcy as a fresh start. When you are faced with a challenge, focus on what you can learn from it or what you will achieve by overcoming it.

It Doesn’t Matter If You Have A Setback. It Matters If You Get Back Up.

When a boxer hits the mat, he has to make a choice, stay down and admit defeat or get back up and keep fighting. If you stay down after a setback, you can’t win. There may be no way for the fighter to win that round, but he can still win the fight. Look at the long-term. You may not see an upside immediately, but staying on track for the long haul can yield incredible results.

Recharge And Nurture Yourself After A Setback

Stress has a physical effect on you. The best way to handle that is by taking care of yourself. You may feel that to handle your situation you have to deal with it 24/7 but that only leads to burnout. Some of the best tools you have to overcome adversity is a good night’s sleep and exercise. Both allow your body to remain healthy and your mind to work at optimal levels. You take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

Talk To Someone

As a coach, one of the most valuable services I provide is as an objective sounding board for my clients to vent, explore possibilities, and express their ideas and frustrations out loud. You can do this with a friend, a spouse, a family members, or any trusted contact. Have someone that you talk to.

Following these tips will make setbacks easier to overcome and long term goals easier to accomplish.

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