In Times Of Trouble Be A Buffalo

by Eric Lopkin

In the book “Take The Stairs” author Rory Vaden talks about the difference between cows and buffalo when a storm hits. Cows instinctively run from a storm. When the storm overtakes them, they continue to run in the same direction, maximizing their exposure to the storm. Buffalo, on the other hand, run directly towards the storm. They run through the storm at full speed, effectively minimizing the time spent in the storm.

Unfortunately, most people act like cows when trouble comes. We try to avoid the trouble and prolong the time we are dealing with it. In an effort to minimize the impact of a problem, we end up having damage inflicted over a longer period of time.

When a problem arises, face it head on. You will solve it faster and incur less damage from it than if you try to avoid it.