Keep Your Processes Working At Peak Performance


Having proper processes is the best way to get things done. Following a process means you go step by step with no variations. It ensures that the same quality is achieved no matter who follows the process. Customers get the same thing they expect me and time. It’s what makes McDonald’s so successful. Customers know what to expect and they get it time after time.

A process only works when all the pieces stay the same. In a world dependent on software and social media, change is inevitable. When there is a change in one part of the process and you don’t adapt, the process is not effective. In the online world, Google and Facebook change their algorithms on a regular basis. Doing the same thing that got you noticed two years ago will not work now. Processes must be updated regularly. 

At The Modern Observer Group, we refer to this as a feedback loop. You check the results of the process against past results. If the results have changed, each stage of the process must be checked for changes. When the step is found that has had a change or update, you need to change the process to compensate. This can be as simple as pressing a new button on a piece of updated software or changing the time of a social media post. It could also be as complicated as finding a new material source or repairing a piece of manufacturing technology. The feedback loop is crucial to keeping your process functioning.

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