leaderIt’s natural to look to people in authority for leadership. Leadership, however, is not inherent in a title. There are many people in authority who are not leaders. Conversely there are many leaders who do not have titles and are not officially in charge. A leader is someone that generates trust and respect. People turn to leaders. You cannot wait until you are in charge to become a leader. Leadership has to be practiced before you are in charge. Here are some things to do to become a leader.

  • Treat others with respect. When others feel you respect them, they respect you in return.
  • Listen. A true leader values the opinions of others, even when those opinions differ. Leaders know that by listening to others without judgment, they can learn and  improve. More importantly, listening shows interest in others. People appreciate that.
  • Never stop learning. Leaders know they don’t know everything. Keep an open mind, read often, and learn from others.