When times get tough, many people think the first thing they need to do is minimize the pain. It’s a reasonable idea. No one wants to suffer after all. If you minimize the pain it’s easier to get through the adversity. That may or may not be true but minimizing the pain, can actually make the situation worse.

Adversity brings out who people are. It breaks people and organizations down and builds them back up. Thins about the worst things that have happened in your life. You would not be the same person you are today if they didn’t happen. To be stronger you need to lean into adversity.

  • Focus on solving the problem: What caused the adversity? Fix it.
  • Deal with the fallout: What’s the fallout from the problem? Accept it and deal with it the best you can. Don’t try to sidestep it.
  • Rebuild: Ensure that what caused the adversity won’t reoccur. Build up stronger and be more resiliant.

When you focus on not dealing with the pain, adverse situations tend to become more drawn out. Go through the pain and get through the adversity faster and come out stronger.

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