Learn Something New to Relieve Some Stress


Many people handle work stress by buckling down and powering through. But that’s not a great way to actually relieve your anxiety. Instead, Harvard Business School recommends that you try reframing the stressful situation as a learning opportunity.

Learning something new adds to your skill set and knowledge, and helps you develop feelings of competency and growth, which can alleviate feelings of stress. You can also learn with others. For example, rather than just wrestling with a challenge in your head, get input from colleagues. Discussing a stressful situation with them can reveal hidden insights, either from their backgrounds or from the questions and perspectives they’ll offer. And don’t think of learning as an additional layer of work; think of it as a break from the hard work of getting the task done. Framing learning as a form of respite can make it more appealing and more likely to create a positive, enjoyable experience.

Also, don’t lock yourself in to thinking learning has to take a specific form. Learning can be in a discussion group, listening to a podcast or audiobook, watching a documentary or educational video, etc. People learn in different ways. Focus on the type of learning that suits you best.

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