Learning The Wrong Lesson

lessons and learning

It’s no secret that success is easier the more you know. It’s important that we keep learning, both to build new skills and to improve the ones we have. On top of that advances in science, technology and business keep things changing. The importance of keeping up with information has never been more critical. However, when learning new information, it is also important to take away the correct lesson.

For example, take the fact that 85% of stock is owned by millionaires. This can lead you to one of two conclusions. The first is that the stock market is only applicable to millionaires. The second is that owning stock is how millionaires make their money. The first lesson would tell someone who is not a millionaire to ignore the stock market. The second encourages everyone to invest so they can make more money. The first lesson hinders success while the second promotes it.

The same piece of information can be interpreted in very different ways. Ensuring that you take away the correct lesson is what helps you succeed. Question your lessons to ensure you are learning the right thing.

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