stray cats

In the area around my home is a stray cat and her two kittens. For a week we worked with animal control to catch them, get them medical attention, and find them homes. The cats did everything they could to escape us. I started to think about what the cat was trying to run from: a good home, warmth, food, etc. Of course the cat didn’t know that. All the cat knew was it was trying to avoid the unknown. Then I started to think about how many people do the same thing.

What kind of amazing opportunities have you missed out on because you were avoiding the unknown. Just because something is unknown doesn’t make it bad. Sometimes you need to take the leap into the unknown to get the benefits.

The cats were finally caught and are living lives much better than they could have imagined. Next time you face the unknown, keep in mind there could be very good things waiting on the other side.

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