Looking To Boost Post Pandemic Business? Don’t Look To Groupon.


As businesses reopen and recover from pandemic shutdowns, the rush to get consumers back into the stores, restaurants, etc is underway. While businesses consider all manner of tactics to jumpstart their recovery, there is one that business owners should take off their list immediately. Don’t consider using Groupon.

Groupon recently started pitching businesses on how they can help get customers to come to businesses. In their defense, they can get bodies to show up. The problem is those bodies aren’t your customers. Here’s what you need to know about the people that Groupon will send you.

  • Unprofitable: When you put together a Groupon offer, the product or service you are selling is offered at a massive discount. The money that is brought in is split between the business and Groupon. Unless you are selling your product or service at 100% or more markup, you won’t make a profit on any sale made through Groupon.
  • Disloyal: To build your business, you ned an audience of loyal customers that will come back time after time and spread the word about your business. This is not the Groupon customer. Groupon customers are looking for low cost bargains. If you have the lowest price, they will come to you. If not they will take advantage of the Groupon offer (which you lost money on) and not come back (unless you offer another Groupon deal).

Groupon advises businesses to use their service to bring people in and get them to sign up for newsletters and customer loyalty programs. The problem is these customers are Groupon’s customers, not yours. To Groupon they are valuable. To you, they have little to no value. Your money can be better spent and bring better results than wasting it on a Groupon offer.

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