Zoom Meeting

A video conference isn’t just a meeting over video — it’s an entirely new experience and requires us to adapt our perspectives, habits, and tactics. Here are a few ways to adjust to this new norm.

  • Every presentation coach will tell you that direct eye contact helps to reinforce your point. In a video conference, this means looking at the camera, not your colleague’s faces on the screen. Of course, it’s challenging to focus on your camera for an entire meeting — especially while others are talking — but the more you practice, even for brief moments, the more comfortable you’ll become.
  • Use a slightly louder-than-usual voice, because in addition to being audible, strong voices convey authority, credibility, and confidence.
  • Be mindful of your background as well. Cluttered rooms make you seem disorganized, so find a spot where the background is simple and professional.
  • Pay attention. Your professional reputation can suffer if it looks like you’re distracted. Close your email, turn off notifications on your phone … and don’t forget that you’re on camera.

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