Make Your Business Card More Effective

Business Cards

Despite the proliferation of digital tools, the business card is not going away any time soon. Your card, and how you use it, has a big effect on how contacts perceive you. Follow these tips to maximize your impact:

  • Always Keep Some On You: You never know when a networking opportunity may spring up. A casual trip to the bank or running some errands could lead to a chance encounter with someone whose business might benefit you or your business. When such chance encounters happen, having a business card on hand makes information exchange seamless, as opposed to worrying about finding something to write your information down on.
  • Exhibit Proper Etiquette: There is in fact a right way and a wrong way to handle a business card exchange. For starters, if someone hands you theirs, offer them your own. Conversely, when handing out your business card, request the other person’s. When you receive a business card, don’t just bury it in your pocket. Instead, take a few moments to examine it. This shows your interest in the other person and take them seriously.
  • Be Smart About Your Card’s Design: The look and feel of your business card can say a great deal about you. Cheap, plain business cards that look like they came from Kinko’s or cookie cutter cards from VistaPrint are not going to leave a lasting impression. Gaudy business cards, on the other hand, can be too garish and off-putting. You need to strike the right balance between aesthetic appeal and the quality of paper stock you print your cards on.
  • Include A Slogan In Your Design: A 5-8 word slogan that succinctly describes your business in a catchy or smart way will help your business card stick out. For example, Target, and their slogan, “Expect More. Pay Less.” Just four words sums up the philosophy of Target clearly and concisely. Strong slogans like this add to the effectiveness of your business card and help build brand recognition for you and your business. It also becomes crucial when someone looks at your card several weeks later to remind them of who you are.
  • Network: Ordering 1,000 business cards then waiting for prospects to come to you will only prove futile. Business cards are a tool for active networking. Seek out networking opportunities by checking online and keeping your ear to the ground, then get out to these events and start delivering your business cards with every handshake you make.
  • Follow Up: Make a follow-up phone call. If you don’t take initiative, you risk the chance of that prospect forgetting about you. Business cards get easily lost among all the paperwork and miscellaneous paraphernalia that clutters desks. As a result, it might be a long while before they get back to you — if they even do at all.

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