Marketing And Sales Are Not The Same

Sales and Marketing

Despite the fact that every business depends on marketing, most still don’t understand that marketing is not sales. Sales is a part of marketing. Sales is the ultimate goal of marketing. Marketing is not simply about sales.

Businesses have multiple constituencies that they have to interact with. Stakeholders include customers, employees, investors, suppliers and community. Sales deals with customers. Marketing deals with all constituencies. Marketing builds a brand for each group. It is about convincing employees that they want to work at your company, investors that your company is a good place for them to make money, suppliers that they want to be in business with you, and the community that they want you as a resident. None of that will directly convince someone to buy from you but it is all marketing.

While you need sales to stay in business, sales without addressing these other groups will cause a business to fail just as marketing that doesn’t lead to sales will. Marketing is a holistic process that involves every part of your business. Sales is a focused part of that.

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