NetworkMLMs or Network Marketing companies exist by creating pyramid sales teams to sell their products. The participants make money on their sales plus the sales of the people who report to them. Due to this structure, the participants spend quite a bit of time recruiting. You’ve probably heard the pitches. They promise residual income and early retirement. If you are involved in network marketing, to be really successful, stop recruiting.

Why is recruiting the wrong move? Here are a few reasons:

  • You’re missing sales: If you focus on recruiting, you’re missing out on connecting to people who might actually use the product. These people can end up being your best salespeople, if they really enjoy the product.
  • You lose credibility: By focusing on recruiting, you’re one of millions of other MLMers making claims about income possibilities. The facts of MLMs are well known. For every salesperson that makes the million dollar club there are thousands that lost their shirts.
  • You’re one in a crowd: For recruitment purposes, every MLM sounds alike. What sets you apart is the benefit of your product. If you don’t stand out it doesn’t matter what you’re saying, because people aren’t listening.

Finally, remember you are a salesperson. Don’t claim to build businesses or be a coach. Be honest about what you are selling and you’ll make more sales.