One Of The Most Common Pieces Of Coaching Advice Is Wrong


Coaches say it all the time. It appears in motivational memes on social media. On the face of it the advice makes sense but following it will not lead you to success. In fact, it will hinder you.

The motivational statements say things like “Rich people read books, poor people watch television.” Another popular one admonishes you to only watch educational television. The upshot of the advice is that any time spent not improving yourself is a waste of time. The problem with this is that following it leads to burnout.

You cannot go full tilt for all your waking hours and not burn out. The pressure of not having down time causes many people to quit and ultimately fail. You need to take in a ballgame, watch a movie, read a novel, or even watch television. When you take time to relax, the work you are doing to improve yourself sets in. Yes you need to work on yourself, but that includes taking time to relax and recharge.

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