Plan Your Project For The Finish

project management finish

Anything you start has to have a finish, a final goal that the action or project you are embarking on is meant to achieve. In most projects you reach a point where you can stop but the results aren’t perfect. Many people simply end a project when the deadline hits whether it is finished or not. To maximize your productivity, you need to define what done is when you start.

For each project, whether it is redecorating a room, writing a presentation, or building a business you need to imagine what the final result looks like. You should define the result in as much detail as possible. Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish and why you are doing this. A useful tool for this is asking why five times, with each answer getting more detailed . When you understand why you are doing this and what the final result needs to be then you can define what “done” looks like.

Once you know what the finished project should be, you can create a plan to move forward. You can determine what resources you need and the steps you need to complete for a project that is finished instead of stopped.

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