Present Yourself As A Leader


Being a leader isn’t based on your position. You can be a leader even when you’re not in charge. It’s about acting like a leader and being perceived as one. While people notice our appearance and behaviors first, there are other elements you should pay attention to. These elements combine to create your leadership image. To be considered a leader, you need to present yourself as one. These elements can get you on your way.

  • Be In Balance: Smart leaders know how to strike a balance between being strong and supportive. You have to balance between being able to take a joke and commanding respect and authority. Being able to juggle these two is important but difficult. If take either to extremes you will lose your employees’ respect. Be firm and confident but be supportive. You get more from building people up than by tearing them down.
  • Avoid Self-Absorption: If you have employees, suppliers, or partners, your business is a team effort. Isolating yourself is never a smart business move. Strong leaders are inclusive, not exclusive.
  • Communicate With Clarity: Being a strong communicator means communicating with clarity. That includes the spoken word, the written word, and images and body language. If you are not comfortable with your communications, practice. Even the most brilliant idea will fall flat when communicated poorly.

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