Regain A Sense of Control (When Everything Feels Out Of Control)


Between the health risks of the coronavirus, the economic stress of the recession, social distancing, and mandatory work-from-home arrangements, so much of our lives feel out of our control right now. Research shows that anything you can do to restore your sense of autonomy — even in small ways — will help you be more resilient. Here are a few tips from The Harvard Business Review.

  • First, if you’re working remotely, set up a comfortable and personal workspace. You might define a clear boundary between “work” and “home” by telling yourself: When I’m in this room or wearing these headphones I’m “at work.” 
  • Identify and embrace the perks of working at home. For example, if you no longer have a long commute, you can choose how you’ll spend that time — whether it’s getting an extra hour of sleep, being with your family or friends, or even delving into a new hobby. (Just try to resist the temptation to spend that time working.)
  • You can also reclaim control over your body and mind by prioritizing self-care. Investing time and attention in your own well-being is crucial during stressful times. While the pandemic’s closures and restrictions may dictate many aspects of your life right now, how you customize your environment, spend your time and treat yourself is up to you.

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