There is far too little praise and appreciation in most work environments. Even those who are good about giving positive feedback can tend to reserve it for “above and beyond” moments. Yet, the routine work that people are expected to do every day often goes unnoticed and underappreciated.

Many motivational speakers will talk about the “law of attraction.” It simply means you get what you give. If express gratitude, you get results that will call for you to express more gratitude. Genuine gratitude goes a long way in engaging people and binding them together.

Don’t assume that people know you appreciate them. Once a week, say thank you to someone for doing what they do for you. A supplier who always delivers on time, your accountant who keeps you for doing your own taxes, even though these people are expected to that, you should still be grateful that it is being done. Don’t only focus on the extra mile they may have gone, but on the ordinary things they do to make your team, unit, or company hum. Be specific: explain the behavior or task that you are grateful for and the positive impact it has on you and the company. You will find that being appreciated in a great motivator. When something does go wrong, the person who knows you appreciate their work will be the one that goes the extra mile to fix it.